Ann Palmeira. Photo courtesy of St. Dominic Village.

To think that it all started with a bison named Earl that was donated by a traveling circus in 1922. A fence was then erected in Hermann Park to house various assortments of snakes, birds, and alligators purchased by the City of Houston. The Houston Zoo will turn 100 years old in 2022, and while […]


From the small fence to the now size of 55-acres, the Houston Zoo has grown exponentially not just in size but in the number of species that call the zoo home. Starting out with a small collection of a few species to 6,000 animals of 900 different species, Houstonians like 75-year-old Mary Ann Chambers can […]

(From left to eight) Annette Reynolds pictured with her friend, Jean Whitaker.

Vosswood Nursing Home resident Annette Reynolds is not an average Houstonian. 94-year-old Reynolds was born in 1920, and her father even read George H. Hermann’s will; if the name sounds familiar it’s because he was responsible for presenting a very famous piece of land to the City of Houston – Hermann Park! Reynolds remembers visiting […]

Lynn Gillespie. Photo courtesy of St. Dominic Village.

One common memory that residents can recall is the change in size of the Houston Zoo – the zoo has vastly grown from that first bison and continues to develop new changes and exhibits such as such as the Gorillas of the African Forest (opening Memorial Day weekend). Born and raised in Houston, 72-year-old Lynn […]


Very few people can say that they were a member of three important zoo organizations. Born in Pittsburgh, 79-year-old JoAnne Driscoll, a resident at Treemont Retirement Community, was an active member on the docent council, raised funds as a Zoo Friend, and served on the Zoological Society of Houston. It is easy to say that […]

Charlotte Taylor. Photo courtesy of St. Dominic Village.

St. Dominic Village resident Charlotte Taylor, who is 88 years old, may not be Houston-born, but she and her husband shared a love for the zoo just like any native Houstonian would. Born in Beaumont, TX, she recalled some of the fond memories she has of the zoo, and spoke about how her husband was […]


Springtime is finally here, which means that vibrant and colorful plants and flowers that we love are finally in bloom! During this time, several species of plants are starting to blossom throughout the zoo, including those in the butterfly garden, the carnivorous plants, Chinese Fringe trees, and Ground Orchids just to name a few – […]

sabinga elephant

Elephants are the largest mammals on the land. Two species are traditionally recognized, African elephants and Asian elephants. They are slightly different; African elephants have large ears shaped similar to the continent of Africa while Asian elephants have small and rounded ears. African elephants are taller with a shoulder height between 9-13 feet while Asian […]


By now you have heard us talk about sustainable seafood and why it is important to be mindful when choosing which seafood to eat and which options are best to avoid. Embracing the use of sustainable seafood is one of the best ways we can all contribute to our oceans’ health, and we have three […]


Written by Amy Berting & Nathan Fox Once upon a time at the Houston Zoo, there was a boy Goeldi’s monkey named Andy, and he met this beautiful girl Goeldi’s monkey named Peach. They quickly became inseparable, and through hard times and good times they were the ideal couple. They had so many adventures at the zoo […]

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