We are into the second month of our Action for Apes Challenge and already have 22 local Houston groups participating by recycling cell phones! You too can join and help save animals like Gorillas in the wild. We have talked about why recycling cell phones is important in past blogs by talking about tantalum and […]

A gecko about to pollinate a tropical flower

Pollinators – what are they and why are they important? A pollinator is an animal that helps a flowering plant complete its life-cycle by picking up pollen from one flower and moving it to another of the same type.  This fertilizes the plant, allowing it to form seeds for the next generation. Why does that […]


You may have heard about sustainable seafood and know which choices to make, but if you haven’t, no worries – we will break it down for you! You can think of the ocean like your own heart. Just as your heart circulates blood and regulates the body’s temperature, the ocean controls the circulation of water […]

Renee-Use-THis (1)

Houston Zoo has messages about conservation both in the zoo buildings and outside in the public spaces that relate to the animals we care for! Houston Zoo Education Department conducts education programs for all ages.  A program is where an educator or naturalist may show and talk about live animals, or point out important aspects at […]


March’s Goat of the Month is…(drumroll please)… Bono! (Musical pun intended). Unlike his famous namesake, Bono the goat is not much of a singer, though he can get pretty vocal around feeding time! Like the majority of our goat herd here in the Children’s Zoo Bono is a Nigerian dwarf goat. This breed originated in […]


Post by Tammy Buhrmester What do firemen, Girl Scouts, and primate keepers all have in common? They all played a role in helping the Houston Zoo orangutans swing around their exhibit. The orangutans at the Houston Zoo needed more ways to swing and climb. Previously, we used thick ropes strung across the exhibit, but between the […]


The African painted dog is one the most distant relatives of the domestic dog and one of the most endangered carnivores in Africa.  With only around 3000 animals left in the wild they are a critically endangered species.  The Houston Zoo houses two beautiful African Painted dogs and is committed to saving their wild counterparts […]


Web surfers are getting a first look inside the new gorilla habitat at the Houston Zoo with a just-launched microsite on the zoo’s homepage,  The site opens with a countdown clock marking time until the official grand opening on Memorial Day Weekend and then leads visitors on an area-by-area tour of the exhibit, and […]

This is what oil palm fruit looks like.

My name is Ryan and I love science. Join me as I try to make tough science not so tough. Follow along as I research the issues, untangle the mess, and figure out what you really need to know to help animals and the environment.  Today’s Topic: Palm Oil Today I translate some information on palm oil […]

Geometric Tortoise

Saturday, March 7, the Houston Zoo will be celebrating Save a Turtle Saturday! The Naturally Wild Swap Shop will be participating along with the other activities going on though out the zoo. On Save a Turtle Saturday, any item involving turtles or how plastic pollution affects them will receive double points. That includes: – Turtle […]

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