Sabinga, a native Kenyan and employee of Save the Elephants joins the Houston Zoo intern family!

The Houston Zoo is excited to welcome a new intern who comes to us all the way from Kenya, in East Africa. Sabinga is here in Houston for one year completing a Geographical Information Systems program at Houston Community College. While participating in this program, he will join us at the zoo as an intern to […]

Baby Okapi Born at the Zoo!

What looks like a zebra, but is related to giraffe? Okapi! The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a baby okapi.  The yet-to-be-named male calf was born on November 6 and has been thriving under the care of his mother, Tulia.The pair will continue to bond behind the scenes for the next […]

Saving the Blue-billed Curassow

Imagine you’ve been transported deep into the humid, tropical forests of northern Colombia, traversing the El Paujil reserve. You scramble down a steep hillside, trying to stay on your feet as you dodge low-hanging branches and push through dense, prickly underbrush. You’ve been searching for what seems like forever, and you’re tired. You sit down […]

Green sea turtles often wash onto our shores when the temperature drops drastically. Call 1-866-TURTLE-5 to report a sea turtle that you suspect is cold-stunned or injured!

When the temperature changes quickly in our typically hot and humid environment, humans aren’t the only ones who get chilly. Sea turtles often times become “cold stunned” during extreme temperature changes. They are accustomed to warmer water temperatures, and if a cold front comes in quickly and unexpectedly, they don’t have the time to move […]

fruit dove

The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands is a chain of about 14 islands in the Pacific around 3,000 miles west of Hawaii. For the better part of a decade, a group of bird professionals from institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) have been doing important work in this beautiful and […]


As American families prepare for the annual ritual of giving thanks, they can add to their list of things to be thankful for a rare victory in the battle against global climate change – more than 30 endangered species brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to America’s accredited zoos and aquariums. With climate […]


A gaggle of your favorite local news media personalities is headed to the Houston Zoo and we hope you will join them. The annual TXU Energy Houston Turkey Calling Contest returns to the Houston Zoo on Saturday, Nov. 15. Local TV, radio and print personalities will be on hand to flap their elbows and belt out […]

Visit us at Zoo Boo this year and learn how you are helping the Zoo to save animals in the wild!

Our annual Zoo Boo event is a Houston favorite…costumes, candy, zoo animals, tatzoos, you name it-we have it! But did you know that this event includes incredibly fun activities for kids and families to help save animals in the wild?! Zoe the Zookeeper’s Howlerween Adventure has been part of Zoo Boo for many years now, […]


Did you know that dwarf chameleons have a very unique way to deter predators and rival chameleons? They vibrate like a cell phone! At the Houston Zoo, guests can see a pair of male and female Cameroon stumptail chameleons inside the Reptile and Amphibian House. The pair came to the Zoo under tragic circumstances just […]

Sea turtle

This post is written by Houston Zoo Aquarist Amy Trang. If you have ever visited Kipp Aquarium here at the Houston Zoo, you may know we have a sea turtle in one of our main exhibits. But what you might not know is these sea turtles are being rehabilitated and will be released back into […]

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