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Learn More About Our Newest Baby Bongo

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This post was written by Kendall Thawley & Mary Fields. The Houston Zoo is proud to introduce the newest member of our bongo herd! Sheldon was born on November 2, 2014 in the late afternoon. He is Penny’s third calf, her second son. This wonderful addition brings our bongo herd up to 3. We are […]

Colobus Monkey Gets a Second Chance at Sight with Cataract Surgery

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This post written by Bailey Cheney of the Houston Zoo Primate Department. We first realized that Caesar, our geriatric Eastern black and white Colobus monkey, was losing his sight around January of 2013. It started off with one of the keepers realizing that his eyes were a little cloudy. Then we noticed that he was […]

Bug House Now Open

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Bug House Now Open

The Bug House is open! Excuse our excitement, but this is a bug big deal!   Our Bug House is a brand new exhibit that is solely dedicated to showcasing bugs and why they are so important to our ecosystem. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the colorful beetles, centipedes, millipedes, stick insects, […]

Ring-Tailed Lemur Twins Starting to Venture Off of Mom

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Ring-Tailed Lemur Twins Starting to Venture Off of Mom

The ring-tailed lemur twins born on March 25th are growing up fast, and are even starting to get off mama and play with each other. Play is a rehearsal for what they need to do in their adult life, so wrestling is for learning combat skills and running around after each other is good practice […]

Mac the Chimpanzee Passes Away

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It is with great sadness and a profound sense of loss that the Houston Zoo announces the passing of Mac, one of our beloved chimpanzees. On Tuesday, May 13, Mac and 2 members of the Houston Zoo’s chimpanzee family were sedated for their regularly scheduled veterinary medical examinations. The sedation and the exams proceeded normally. […]

What Do You Call a Thousand Tadpoles?

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Some people call a group of tadpoles a “knot,” while others call them a “cloud,” or a “school.”  We’ve been contemplating this same question here at the Houston toad program, wondering what to call the army (hey, that works!) of Houston toad tadpoles that will emerge from all of the eggs we have released into […]

Ali and Kevin Learning About Wombats in Australia

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You may have already heard: The Houston Zoo will soon be home to wombats! Two of our wonderful employees Ali and Kevin are in Australia right now learning lots of information about wombats. Here’s our latest communication with Ali. Greetings from Australia! Kevin and I arrived at Healesville Sanctuary, outside of Melbourne, yesterday afternoon to […]

Animal Safety at the Zoo: Babies Can Teach Us a Thing or Two!

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Baby Elephant Duncan

Call them clever. Call them rascals. Call them creative. Over the past several months, there have been a few animals that have found their way outside their usual space at the Zoo. In light of these recent experiences, we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk a bit about safety and how we […]

Why wait for Easter for an “egg-travaganza?!”

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The Houston toad team at the Houston Zoo has been working up a storm this spring – a storm of Houston toad eggs! As of this writing, the team has bred 23 groups of adult Houston toads (the groups consist of either one female and one male or one female and two male) since the […]

Farewell to Aries, African Painted Dog

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African Painted Dog Aries

As the New Year dawned, the Houston Zoo bid a sad but fond farewell to Aries, one of our three African painted dogs.  Twelve year old Aries had lived at the Houston Zoo with pack mates Mikita, his nephew, and Blaze, his brother since their arrival from the Bronx Zoo in 2009. Painted dogs are […]

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