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New Zoo Baby: Fantastic Leaf Tailed Gecko

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Baby fantastic leaf-tailed gecko

Leaf tailed geckos are a group of super cool lizards who are masters of camouflage.  They mimic dead leaves and twigs.  Their little legs look like tiny branches and their tails look just like dead leaves, all the way down to having veins and raggedy edges.  We are often hard pressed to find them in […]

It’s A Boy! – Baby Elephant Born Overnight at the Zoo

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baby ele1

After a pregnancy lasting almost 23 months, Shanti, a 24 year old Asian elephant delivered a healthy 385 pound male calf shortly after 2:00 a.m. today at the Houston Zoo’s McNair Asian Elephant Habitat. “The elephant keepers have named the calf Duncan,” said Houston Zoo Large Mammal Curator Daryl Hoffman.  “They like the way it […]

Baby Giraffe at the Houston Zoo!

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140204 - Baby Giraffe

We are proud to announce the birth of a male Masai giraffe. Mom Tyra delivered the healthy male calf shortly before 1 p.m. on Tuesday at the McGovern Giraffe Habitat at The African Forest following a 14 month pregnancy. “Tyra went into labor at approximately 10:45 AM on Tuesday, February 4 and delivered her baby […]

First Blue-billed curassow born under controlled conditions!

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It looks like things are headed in the right direction as this week has seen the first Blue-billed curassow hatchling!

Wonderful news! The critically endangered Blue-billed curassow, which is native to South America, has been successfully born under controlled conditions! This bird has been losing habitat and is a victim of poaching, leading to still declining numbers in the low hundreds. The Houston Zoo in partnership with Colombian Zoos and wildlife organizations held an incubation […]

A Blonde Baby is Born!

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In the Primate department, we are rarely surprised by a new baby. However, on New Year’s Eve Day, a keeper came in to discover a breathtakingly beautiful new baby: a De Brazza’s guenon. The keeper, Lucy Dee, was so astonished that she almost couldn’t believe what she was seeing: a golden blonde infant clinging to […]

New Kid on the Block – Another Baby Sifaka Is Born!

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New mama and infant outside for the first time since birth - photo by Stephanie Adams

On the 13th of December another infant Coquerel’s sifaka made his appearance. We knew that mama Zenobia was pregnant again, but this baby was born earlier than any of her previous kids. This is her fourth baby, and she is really a pro at mothering by now.  Protective and affectionate, she washes her baby enthusiastically […]

Special Rhino Announcement! New Rhinos at the Zoo

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Since October, our hoofed stock team at the Houston Zoo have been working on crate training our very popular three white rhinos Sibindi, Lynne, and Annie Kamariah. Why would we train them to walk into a crate though? Well, we wanted to make sure that they were well prepared and comfortable for their upcoming road trip […]

Surprise! Flamingos Have Chicks For First Time in Six Years

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Surprise! Flamingos Have Chicks For First Time in Six Years

The Bird department is all aflutter with flamingos – in the last three months they have had four chicks hatch behind the scenes and three hatch on exhibit to proud flamingo parents. “We requested eggs from the Atlanta Zoo,” explained Birds Supervisor Mollie Coym, “and then were surprised by our flamingos having chicks of their […]

We’re Expecting! Preparing for an Asian Elephant Birth

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Young elephants Baylor and Tupelo look forward to meeting the new addition to the elephant family.

We are preparing for a big delivery next year!  Following the back to back births of Asian elephant calves Baylor and Tupelo in 2010, we are making preparations for Shanti, a 23 year old Asian elephant to give birth in January, 2014. “The average gestation period for an Asian elephant is 22 months,” said Houston […]

Insects are Crawling Our Way – Insectarium in Spring 2014

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Currently underway at the Houston Zoo is construction on an exhibit premiering Memorial Day Weekend, 2014!  With help from architects of The Portico Group based in Seattle, we intend to create an exciting new adventure for kids of all ages.    We have recently broken ground on our newest attraction which will be a dual exhibit […]

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