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YOU Can Help Animals in the Wild-Say No To Products Made From Exotic Animals!

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Help save rhinos and other animals in the wild by always saying no to exotic animal products!

At the Houston Zoo, we are proud to exhibit some of the world’s most amazing animals! In addition to providing excellent care for our animals at the zoo, we are committed to saving animals in the wild.  We depend heavily on our staff, volunteers, Board members and YOU (our guests and supporters) to help us […]

Help Save Elephants in the Wild!

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Asian elephants at the Houston Zoo

Post by Lauren St. Pierre Calling all elephant enthusiasts! Did you know elephant population numbers are rapidly declining in the wild? Do you know there are ways YOU can help protect these magnificent animals in the wild? You can start by joining the more than one hundred Zoos and thousands of individuals across the country […]

The Making of Houston Zoo Kids

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It all started because of a problem, as many things do. As a Zoo, we work hard to protect animals in the wild every day, and we have lots of ways we inform our guests about what is happening out there and how they can help. This information has always been accessible to adults, but […]

Telling Success Stories – Saving Animals in the Wild

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Telling success stories is really not what the media does best. There are many out there but my email box is overwhelmed daily with people sending me wildlife related news content – really bad news related content. In just one day, I received the following  links for me to take a look at. Great apes […]

Attwater’s prairie chicks are here!

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APC Eggs 2014-0001-2318

The Houston Zoo has already hatched 209 Attwater’s prairie chicks this Spring! All of these guys have made it through to the next stage of their lives and will stay with us here at the Zoo until they are ready for release as strong juveniles into the wild! Attwater’s prairie chickens are vanishing from the coastal […]

Prior to departure – ALWAYS count your crates!

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Our plane awaits - with the crates being loading in.

We are taking 20 GOWE and 12 MAFD back to AZA zoos in the US mainland.  Their journey is long and we will be there to help them and monitor them the entire way. We finally are able to book a flight for the birds and us to get to Guam.  We work with Star […]

Dickinson High School Takes Home 1st Place in 2014 Action for Apes Challenge!

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We have just concluded our 2014 Action for Apes Cell Phone Recycling Challenge and it was incredibly successful with 49 local Houston schools and organizations participating! Over 25,000 participants were involved in this challenge-recycling cell phones as quickly as they could by APE-ril 30th, 2014 to join the Houston Zoo’s efforts to save gorillas and […]

New Painted Dog Collar Saves Them From Snare Wire Traps

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Animals in the wild are faced with dangers every day. Many of those dangers are man-made. African painted dogs are the second most endangered carnivore in Africa and are frequent prey to the snares set up by poachers. The poachers are not particularly interested in the dogs, but are after animals like antelope to sell […]

Waiting for departure

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Our humble quarantine area for the birds

We have to hold the birds going back to the US in a quarantine situation for 7 days prior to departure.  The hotel room we are using qualifies as an appropriate quarantine area.  We also have to work with Guam and Hawaii to get import permits – as both these areas are very strict about […]

Translocation day for the birds from Tinian

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a trip of a lifetime!

We have been worried all week about weather.  Not only did the bad weather slow down our trapping schedule, it almost impacted our ability to translocate the RUFA from Tinian to Sarigan. There was a weather “system” developing (the description sounded like a tropical storm system to me).  This would severely impact our ability to […]

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