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Clouded Leopard Cubs Play Outside!

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Clouded Leopard Cubs Play Outside!

Our twelve-week-old clouded leopard cubs Koshi and Senja took their first romp in the grass today during one of their final days behind-the-scenes. As they grow, their mischievous personalities are becoming more and more apparent. Koshi thinks it’s fun to practice his aerial skills by leaping onto the caregivers while Senja prefers climbing and has […]

Naked Mole-rats: The Super Heroes of the Animal World

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Meet the naked mole-rat!

What can feel no pain, is impervious to cancer or Alzheimer’s, and can chew through pretty much anything in a single bound? The naked mole-rat! These little creatures aren’t the prettiest to look at, but they are possibly some of the most fascinating—and superhero like—animals around. When a naked mole-rat begins life, he pretty much looks […]

Clouded Leopard Cubs Born at the Zoo!

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Clouded Leopard Cubs

Friday, June 6 was an exciting day at the Houston Zoo as we welcomed two clouded leopard cubs to our family. The unnamed male cubs were born after an unassisted, one-hour labor.  After a healthy proclamation by our chief veterinarian, zookeepers began steps to hand-raise the cubs.  The cubs began successfully nursing from a bottle […]

Spiders spotlighted at the Houston Zoo

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Spineybacked Orbweaver

Right now there is a group that you wouldn’t expect working hard to help you.  They are working really hard to help you with pest control.  If they are in your house, you could see 2,000 LESS insects inside your home over the course of a year. Who are these fabulous helpers?  Spiders!  And, on May 17 from 9:30 to […]

Wombat Update from Ali and Kevin in Australia

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wombat cuddle

You may have already heard: The Houston Zoo will soon be home to wombats! Two of our wonderful employees Ali and Kevin are in Australia right now learning lots of information about wombats. Here’s our latest communication with Ali and Kevin. Hello again from down under! Kevin and I have been learning a lot about […]

Happy Birthday to Mumbles the Rhino! He’s Three Years Old

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Not only is it Cinco de Rhino today, but it is also a very important birthday! Today is the 3rd birthday of our White Rhino, Mumbles! Mumbles is the largest of our three rhinos weighing at 2,300 pounds. Surprisingly he’s not fully grown just yet! White rhinos can tip the scales at 4,000 pounds so […]

Rattlesnakes: the World’s Most Polite Animal?

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When you hear the word “rattlesnake,” what’s the emotion that first comes to mind? Is it fear, perhaps, or maybe a bit of apprehension? We’re here to tell you that actually, there’s nothing to be worried about. And hopefully, you’ll come to think of them like we do: as the world’s most polite animal. Around […]

From Orangutans to Chuckwallas: Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo

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Cheyenne and adopted baby Aurora spend some time together outside

The Houston Zoo has seen quite a number of animal births lately, and as a result there are quite a few adorable baby animals! Baby elephant Duncan, baby giraffe Baridi, and even a baby whitespotted bamboo shark have been born recently. As we mentioned in our last blog, babies are cute – but there are […]

Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: Carnivore “Golden Girls”

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Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: Carnivore “Golden Girls”

When you think of carnivores like jaguars and bears, what comes to mind? Sharp teeth and claws, perhaps? Maybe you wouldn’t want to run into them in a dark alley? This is true, but at the Houston Zoo, they have something else in common – ours are getting up there in years, and they have […]

Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: of Sloths and Mole-rats

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Succotash strikes a pose in the rainforest habitat of the Natural Encounters building

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of news lately about the babies being born at the Zoo – we’re expecting a baby elephant any day now, and we’ve just helped welcome into the world a number of amazing arrivals, including a De Brazza’s guenon, sifaka, and quite the bevy of flamingo chicks. What doesn’t make […]

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