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Rattlesnakes: the World’s Most Polite Animal?

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When you hear the word “rattlesnake,” what’s the emotion that first comes to mind? Is it fear, perhaps, or maybe a bit of apprehension? We’re here to tell you that actually, there’s nothing to be worried about. And hopefully, you’ll come to think of them like we do: as the world’s most polite animal. Around […]

From Orangutans to Chuckwallas: Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo

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Cheyenne and adopted baby Aurora spend some time together outside

The Houston Zoo has seen quite a number of animal births lately, and as a result there are quite a few adorable baby animals! Baby elephant Duncan, baby giraffe Baridi, and even a baby whitespotted bamboo shark have been born recently. As we mentioned in our last blog, babies are cute – but there are […]

Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: Carnivore “Golden Girls”

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Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: Carnivore “Golden Girls”

When you think of carnivores like jaguars and bears, what comes to mind? Sharp teeth and claws, perhaps? Maybe you wouldn’t want to run into them in a dark alley? This is true, but at the Houston Zoo, they have something else in common – ours are getting up there in years, and they have […]

Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: of Sloths and Mole-rats

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Succotash strikes a pose in the rainforest habitat of the Natural Encounters building

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of news lately about the babies being born at the Zoo – we’re expecting a baby elephant any day now, and we’ve just helped welcome into the world a number of amazing arrivals, including a De Brazza’s guenon, sifaka, and quite the bevy of flamingo chicks. What doesn’t make […]

How the Zoo Handles Cold Weather – Then and Now

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Blue-throated Macaw-0002

Houston winters rarely approach the category of water-pipe-busting hard freezes.  Yes, it’s happened but thankfully not that often. Still, when you’re caring for 6,000 exotic animals, some of whom find 50 degrees uncomfortable, winter preparations are essential. The Houston Zoo begins winter weather preparations early. Tropical birds are particularly sensitive to cold weather so some bird habitats are wrapped in […]

Releasing Howler Monkeys in Belize – Rescued Pets Go Back to the Wild

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Written by Primate Keeper Lucy Dee Anderson In Belize it is illegal to own a pet howler monkey, and the forestry department confiscates monkeys from people to eventually be brought back into the wild. In June I had the opportunity to travel to Belize and help release two troops of howler monkeys back into a […]

There’s a Bat Out There! And it’s Eating Mosquitoes, Not Your Blood

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I’m a very lucky person because I get to be a zookeeper! The most rewarding thing about my career is waking up in the morning and knowing that I have an important job to do – a job that can make the world a better place. I get to spend time with animals, learn about […]

Thank You Spider, for Killing the Bugs That Bug Us

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Poor spiders! They seem to be at or near the top of most folks’ list of creepy crawly icky things that they don’t want anywhere near them. They usually make the sides of pest control vans too, even though they’re practically the opposite of a pest. Spiders never infest your food supplies, but they eat […]

Why You Should Not Be Afraid of Snakes

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Cottonmouth snake

It’s October, Halloween is approaching, and you know what that means:  Monsters!  Ghosts!  Goblins!  Zombies!  Snakes!! Wait a minute, snakes?  Why are snakes associated with Halloween and all these other scary things? Halloween comes in autumn, which is associated with cooler weather in many areas of the country, which means that snakes won’t even be out […]

Meet Tootsie, Polly Rose and Other Houston Zoo Chickens

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Silver Bullet

In an earlier blog, we learned about why the Zoo has a free-range chicken flock. Now, it’s time to meet these lovely ladies and gentlemen! Silver Bullet is the bossiest and smartest member of our flock, and very enthusiastic about food. She sounds like a goose when she is really letting us know she wants […]

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