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The Life and Times of Opie the Goeldi’s Monkey

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Written by Amy Berting & Nathan Fox Once upon a time at the Houston Zoo, there was a boy Goeldi’s monkey named Andy, and he met this beautiful girl Goeldi’s monkey named Peach. They quickly became inseparable, and through hard times and good times they were the ideal couple. They had so many adventures at the zoo […]

Our Little Jumping Bean!

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Our Little Jumping Bean!

Written By Joshua Cano If you have been to the zoo recently and gone to the mandrill exhibit, you have probably seen our little bundle of joy hopping around the exhibit next to mom.  Annabelle is now 5 months old! She is the first offspring of Louise (mom) and Ushindi (dad).  Annabelle’s birth here at […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Peep

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Peep, the Goat We hope that you had a happy Easter! It just so happens that April’s Goat of the Month is Peep! She and her twin brother, Cadbury, were born on 3/27/2005, which just happened to be Easter Sunday! Peep the goat is not named after the sound that a fluffy, yellow baby chicken […]

Dragon Coming to the Zoo in 2016

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Smaug, one of the Houston Zoo

You thought they were a figment of your imagination, but they are for real! An exclusive partnership between Houston Zoo and Lockington Medical Institute (LMI) in Wimbledon, United Kingdom has produced the first known dragon offspring in at least 750 years. Fossilized dragon eggs were found in 1996 by Rodney Tarrington in a small hamlet […]

Snakes and Reptiles – An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

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Snakes and Reptiles – An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

In general, reptiles are a misunderstood and much-maligned group of animals. Literature published as far back as 1735 describes reptiles as “foul and loathsome animals.” Unfortunately, this viewpoint is still held by many people today, especially when snakes are the reptiles being discussed. The unreasonable fear of snakes is quite prevalent in our society and […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Bono

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March’s Goat of the Month is…(drumroll please)… Bono! (Musical pun intended). Unlike his famous namesake, Bono the goat is not much of a singer, though he can get pretty vocal around feeding time! Like the majority of our goat herd here in the Children’s Zoo Bono is a Nigerian dwarf goat. This breed originated in […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Elsa

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In honor of the Chinese animal zodiac, we’re celebrating the Year of the Goat! We have over 20 different goats representing 5 different breeds. In addition to their different colors, shapes, and sizes, all of our goats also express individual preferences and personalities! To highlight our goats individual ‘flair’, we’ve decided to feature a different goat each month and share what […]

Species Spotlight: Black Bear Cubs Willow and Belle

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Our American black bear cubs, Willow and Belle, are anything but ordinary. In fact, they are not black at all! The Zoo received these orphaned cubs in December 2013 and initially weighed 40 pounds. However, carnivore keeper Stephanie Mantilla reported that Willow is 139 pounds, and Belle is 148 pounds. Some of their favorite foraging […]

Okapi – From the Heart of Africa to the Houston Zoo

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Written by Rick Barongi One of the rarest and most beautiful animals at the Houston Zoo is the okapi (“oh-cop-ee”) or forest giraffe.  Since it was first discovered by the western world in 1901 it has captivated the imagination like few other species.  This fascination has led to a colorful and tumultuous history.  Every species […]

Sam, the “People” Steer

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Sam, the “People” Steer

Just four years ago this month, a small baby steer arrived at the Houston Zoo. His name was Sam – Sam Houston to be exact. At about the same time, a wide-eyed new zookeeper named Emma started in the John P. McGovern Children’s Zoo. Emma was sitting in a meeting one day when one of […]

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