Post written and video created by Joy Oria

There’s a good chance when you see our babirusas they’ll be coated in mud. Unable to cool themselves by sweating or panting, babirusas, like other pig species, use wallowing in water or mud to stay cool.

A female babirusa

A female babirusa

Wallowing has the added bonus of providing sunburn protection and removing skin parasites. Recently scientists have considered that perhaps pigs have not evolved functional sweat glands because they prefer to wallow, and that the act of wallowing is in itself pleasurable.

Decide for yourself if wallowing is fun by watching this video of Jambi, our ten year old male babirusa, getting into in a recently freshened mud wallow!

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    Interesting! I hope that everyone’s weekend was both great and safe,enjoyed the recent holiday that we’ve had,having a good week and has another good weekend,plus I also hope that they have a nice Grandparent’s Day! That goes for last year and all the oter years that we’ve had.

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    I meant “other’ in my previous post. Please forgive me.

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