We’ve already gone over what Red River Hogs look like and where they are from. But there is still more information about these cool hogs we have to share here at the Houston Zoo! If you missed the previous blog, Red River Hogs are native to the forest, swampy-like areas in Africa.
red river hog 2

When these hogs aren’t wallowing in the mud or napping in the shade to cool down, they will be foraging for food. Their favorite foods to eat are grasses, berries, roots, insects, small vertebrates and occasionally carrion. Most of their foraging is done at night when it is dark because the darkness gives them protection from predators. Because of their nightly adventures, Red River Hogs have an exceptional sense of sight that allows them to wander through the forests in the middle of the night without bumping into obstacles. Their sense of hearing is excellent as well. So well in fact, they can detect the movement of an earthworm in the dirt.

A herd of Red River Hogs typically consists of 4-6 females, 1 dominant male, and their piglets. Like any baby animal they are adorable! The piglets have a very unique brown coat pattern that consists of orange spots and stripes. They will loose these stripes and spots over time as they grow their orange-red adult coat of fur. When the completed African Forest is open be sure to stop by to visit our Red River Hog family to see these interesting and colorful pigs at the Houston Zoo.

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  1. Kathy Greene says:

    I have so enjoyed watching these interesting animals on the webcam! Thanks so much for the info and allowing us who live in another place the opportunity to observe them.

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