Peep, the Goat

Peep's birthday celebration!

Peep’s birthday celebration!

We hope that you had a happy Easter! It just so happens that April’s Goat of the Month is Peep! She and her twin brother, Cadbury, were born on 3/27/2005, which just happened to be Easter Sunday! Peep the goat is not named after the sound that a fluffy, yellow baby chicken makes. She is actually named after a sticky, yellow, chick-shaped Easter confection! In keeping with the Easter theme, Cadbury was named after the company that makes everyone’s favorite creme-filled chocolate egg!

The twins celebrated their 10th birthday here in the Children’s Zoo last week where they each received an animal approved ‘cake.’ These ‘cakes’ were made of bread, peanut butter, strawberries and a little bit of jelly. Peep enjoyed her cake so much that she got peanut butter all over her nose! Maybe she was too excited to eat it neatly or maybe she was just trying to save some of it for later!

You may not be able to tell just by looking at her, but Peep is actually an accomplished artist! That’s right, Peep can paint! Peep’s former trainer, Andrea, spent months teaching Peep to hold a paintbrush in her mouth. Peep mastered the technique and can now make paintings with a little help from her keepers. Peep’s paintings, and those of other painting animals around the zoo, are often requested for conservation fundraisers or other events hosted by the zoo where they raise money to help support the animals here in the Houston Zoo and help conserve animals in the wild!


Peep is a better artist than most of her keepers!


In honor of the Chinese animal zodiac, we’re celebrating the Year of the Goat! We have over 20 different goats representing 5 different breeds. In addition to their different colors, shapes, and sizes, all of our goats also express individual preferences and personalities!

To highlight our goats individual ‘flair’, we’ve decided to feature a different goat each month and share what makes each one so unique and lovable!

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