This post was written by Mary Fields


The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of Rose, our brand new Speke’s gazelle! Rose was born on April 15th to her mother Prim. This is Prim’s first calf and the Houston Zoo’s first successful Speke’s gazelle calf! Rose was given her name for two reasons:

  1. To name her after her mother, Prim, so we could complete “Primrose”.
  2. Some of the keepers wanted a royal name for her since her mother is “Prim and proper”. We chose Rose for Briar Rose, which is another name for Sleeping Beauty/Aurora.

The most notable part of a Speke’s gazelle would be their nose! They have some extra skin on their nose that they inflate to create a honking sound. This “honk” is used to alert others about nearby predators. Even Rose will inflate her nose if she feels startled; you just have to listen a little closer since she has such a tiny nose.

Speke's Gazelle

Speke’s gazelles are endangered in the wild, mostly due to habitat loss. They have lost much of their grazing land in Somalia to livestock and currently have no protected areas.

Rose is currently off exhibit, but should be living with our okapi soon. So make sure to stop by the Houston Zoo to see one of our tiniest additions!

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