Steve Howard is in the Northern Mariana Islands, working with Pacific Bird Conservation to protect birds and blogging about his experience.

This post was written by Steve Howard

The adventure begins! Sort of. I’m on my way to the Northern Mariana Islands to work with Pacific Bird Conservation. We’ll be moving birds (Tinian Monarchs and Bridled White-eyes) to another island to establish a safe harbor population. This is to increase the chances of the species surviving a disaster, man-made or otherwise.

This is my first time working in the field and I’m so excited to see what it’s like! But my plane was late leaving Houston, I got to Honolulu two hours late, and I missed my flight to Guam. So I haven’t started my adventure just yet. But there are worse fates than being stuck in Hawai’i for a night!

Star Air to TinianI finally made it to Tinian! It was another long flight from Hawaii to Guam, then a 50 minute flight to Saipan last night. This morning we flew a tiny plane from Saipan to Tinian – a flight of 5 minutes. We checked into the hotel, then went to see the areas we’ll be trapping birds. We’ll be setting up mist nets next to the runways built and used during WWII! That’s Tinian, a mix of old and new. There are a lot of non-native plants in the forest, brought there by people, but the forest is still full of native birds.

bargeWe then unloaded all the supplies that were barged over (in a barge that looked barely sea-worthy) from Saipan. This was all we will need to trap, care for and transport the birds to their new home.

Tomorrow we’ll set it all up. I’m tired but so happy to have the chance to be here and help with this project. I’ll be posting more in the next days about what we’re doing here and why, but now, time for sleep!

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m glad to know you are off doing good work. I thought maybe you were on vacation since I had not seen your car at your house. Sounds like an exciting and very worthwhile endeavor. Good luck with the bird transfer. Hope they love their new habitat.
    Your neighbor… Harriet

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