About Lynn Killam

Lynn started her zoo career in 1975 at the Bronx Zoo after studies in Physical Anthropology at Hunter College encouraged a fascination with primates. She then moved to the Philadelphia Zoo, working in all animal areas, before starting at the Houston Zoo in 1981. She developed a specialization in primates working with a large collection from lemurs to apes.

She has been fortunate to travel to observe many primates in nature, including mountain gorillas in Rwanda, lemurs in Madagascar, tamarins & titi monkeys in Peru, langurs & macaques in Sri Lanka, and two trips to Borneo to observe orangutans. Orangutans have become a main focus of work and study and after 29 years at the Houston Zoo, they remain a lifelong interest.

She co-supervises a team of keepers dedicated to providing humane and professional care to the zoo’s inhabitants.

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