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Penny the cat discovers Gorillas

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Penny contemplating gorillas

Hello all. Penny the Swap Shop cat here. There is something new going on at the zoo. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I kept hearing about these new animals at the zoo…..gorillas. So, I did some research. It seems the Houston Zoo has added 7 new gorillas. A bachelor group and a […]

Presenting Rose, Our Brand New Speke’s Gazelle Calf!

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This post was written by Mary Fields   The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of Rose, our brand new Speke’s gazelle! Rose was born on April 15th to her mother Prim. This is Prim’s first calf and the Houston Zoo’s first successful Speke’s gazelle calf! Rose was given her name for two […]

There’s a New Member of the Gerenuk Herd

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Josie Gerenuk

On April 30 the Hoofstock team at the Houston Zoo welcomed its newest member to our Gerenuk herd. Josie (a first time mom) delivered a healthy baby boy around mid-day. Forty-five minutes later, the calf was already on his feet and nursing. “Julius” is already showing his personality as a strong, spunky little calf who […]

Protect the Pack!

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Mock ups 2 copy

African painted dogs face many threats in the wild.  One of the largest dangers to dogs is snaring.  Poachers set up snares in the bush, meaning to capture animals for bush meat.  However, snares are indiscriminant and capture more than what they are intended for. Conservationists in Zimbabwe discovered that specialized radio collars can help […]

Snaring is Not Only an Exotic Problem

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sea turtle

Several times during the year, you can find Houston Zoo staff scouring the beaches of Galveston. All too often, trash, especially plastic products, is improperly disposed of and ends up in our waterways and the surrounding areas. What many people do not know is that these items can prove deadly to local wildlife. Plastics can […]

A Day in the Life of a Houston Zoo Gorilla

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Ajari sitting

Written by William Weeks, Ashley Kramer & Meredith Ross I am Ajari, a 14 year old male.  I am the youngest member of the Houston Zoo bachelor group.   I live with 30 year old Chaka, and 23 year old Mike. Yawn……Is it time to wake up already? I want to sleep in more. Oh NO, […]

Happy Birthday Willie!!!

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The Houston Zoo is wishing chimpanzee Willie a very Happy Birthday! Over the past five years, since the opening of the chimpanzee exhibit in 2010, we have watched as Willie has grown from a playful juvenile chimpanzee to a mature adult chimpanzee. During this past year, he has risen in rank to become the dominant […]

Gorillas Explore Their Habitat

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Four of the seven western lowland gorillas making their home at the Houston Zoo had access to explore the main habitat yard for the first time today, April 8. The family group spent time closely examining the entire area, from climbing a specially-designed felled cement tree to collecting all the treats the keepers spread throughout. […]

Sneak Peak at Gorillas – We Just Launched A New Gorilla Microsite

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Web surfers are getting a first look inside the new gorilla habitat at the Houston Zoo with a just-launched microsite on the zoo’s homepage,  The site opens with a countdown clock marking time until the official grand opening on Memorial Day Weekend and then leads visitors on an area-by-area tour of the exhibit, and […]

The Birth of a Baby Giraffe Helps Us Grow by 6 Feet!

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We’re all smiles and happy to announce the birth of another Masai giraffe! Neema delivered the healthy female calf shortly after 7 a.m. on Sunday at the McGovern Giraffe Habitat at The African Forest following a 14-month pregnancy. “After a very short labor, Neema delivered her baby girl at 7:20 a.m. Sunday, August 3,” said Houston […]

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