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Spotlight on Species – Tyra, the Masai Giraffe

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Tyra with calf, Hasani

This post was written by Kendall Thawley. Soon, The Houston Zoo will be celebrating World Giraffe Day with a Spotlight on Species for Giraffes. For just a moment, though, we’d like to shine the spotlight on one of our resident Masai giraffe, Tyra. Although her overall disposition is quite sweet and calm with her keepers, […]

Houston Zoo Saddened by Passing of Beloved Giraffe, Neema

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We are heartbroken to share the news that eight-year-old Masai giraffe, Neema, passed away overnight in the giraffe barn. Neema began showing signs of illness on May 14. The entire hoofed stock team and our veterinary staff began an immediate intensive course of medical care to identify and treat her symptoms. The group discovered that […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Han Solo

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With so many animals here at the Houston Zoo, it can be difficult to come up with unique names. Those of you who read the blog last month learned that we named April’s goat after Easter candy.  May’s goat of the month is named not for food but for a famous character in a movie. […]

Conservation All the Way from Central America

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The Houston Zoo is saving wildlife around the world.  We collaborate with people working in the wild to protect the counterparts of the animals we have at the Houston Zoo.  We have great admiration for our sharks, rays and turtles that live in our aquarium and we are passionate  about keeping these species safe in […]

Happy Birthday Willie!!!

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The Houston Zoo is wishing chimpanzee Willie a very Happy Birthday! Over the past five years, since the opening of the chimpanzee exhibit in 2010, we have watched as Willie has grown from a playful juvenile chimpanzee to a mature adult chimpanzee. During this past year, he has risen in rank to become the dominant […]

Our Little Jumping Bean!

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Written By Joshua Cano If you have been to the zoo recently and gone to the mandrill exhibit, you have probably seen our little bundle of joy hopping around the exhibit next to mom.  Annabelle is now 5 months old! She is the first offspring of Louise (mom) and Ushindi (dad).  Annabelle’s birth here at […]

An Update on Okapi Baby, Miraq

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okapi baby

Miráq, our first baby Okapi at the Houston Zoo, is now about 3 months old. Miráq only weighed 40 pounds when he was first born. Now Miráq is weighing in at 195 pounds. It is typical that Okapi calves will nearly triple in size by the end of their first 2 months. Miráq will be […]

Happy First Birthday Duncan!

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Written by Andrea Pohlman On February 7th, the Houston Zoo’s elephant care team celebrated Duncan’s 1st birthday! With help from the Zoo’s commissary staff, the elephants were treated to birthday cakes made with soaked grain and frosted in peanut butter. Streamers and a banner were hung in the elephant exhibit, and a wrapped present was […]

Monkey Business… aka “Love”

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One of the beautiful De Brazza babies.

By Marjorie Pepin It’s February, and love is in the air at the Houston Zoo. But can love withstand the test of time? That question not only applies to humans, but to animals, too! A few of our monkey couples have managed to last longer than most human marriages, and that’s a big deal!  We […]

Skunk Works Out in Giant Wheel, Gets Fit

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Lily the skunk was getting a bit round in the middle, and one of our amazing Houston Zoo volunteers came up with an ingenious solution – a giant wheel for her to jog in! Check out her workout: When Lily was about a year old, keeper Stephanie Turner noted she had begun to put on […]

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