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Presenting Rose, Our Brand New Speke’s Gazelle Calf!

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This post was written by Mary Fields   The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of Rose, our brand new Speke’s gazelle! Rose was born on April 15th to her mother Prim. This is Prim’s first calf and the Houston Zoo’s first successful Speke’s gazelle calf! Rose was given her name for two […]

There’s a New Member of the Gerenuk Herd

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Josie Gerenuk

On April 30 the Hoofstock team at the Houston Zoo welcomed its newest member to our Gerenuk herd. Josie (a first time mom) delivered a healthy baby boy around mid-day. Forty-five minutes later, the calf was already on his feet and nursing. “Julius” is already showing his personality as a strong, spunky little calf who […]

The Life and Times of Opie the Goeldi’s Monkey

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Written by Amy Berting & Nathan Fox Once upon a time at the Houston Zoo, there was a boy Goeldi’s monkey named Andy, and he met this beautiful girl Goeldi’s monkey named Peach. They quickly became inseparable, and through hard times and good times they were the ideal couple. They had so many adventures at the zoo […]

Gorillas Explore Their Habitat

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Four of the seven western lowland gorillas making their home at the Houston Zoo had access to explore the main habitat yard for the first time today, April 8. The family group spent time closely examining the entire area, from climbing a specially-designed felled cement tree to collecting all the treats the keepers spread throughout. […]

Houston Zoo Prepares to Welcome New Gorillas

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Seven western lowland gorillas will soon arrive in Houston in preparation for the grand opening of the new gorilla habitat at the Houston Zoo, opening Memorial Day weekend.  The intricately designed space will hold two groups of western lowland gorillas who will spend their days alternating between an outdoor habitat filled with lush landscape that […]

A Baby Mandrill Is Only Part of Our Primate Baby Boom

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November has been a big month for the primate team at the Houston Zoo. Three brand new babies were born during the course of one month, including a rare mandrill.  At 2 a.m. on November 29 the hugely pregnant mandrill Louise delivered a baby. Mandrills are known for their striking facial features including blue-colored ridges […]

Learn More About Our Newest Baby Bongo

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This post was written by Kendall Thawley & Mary Fields. The Houston Zoo is proud to introduce the newest member of our bongo herd! Sheldon was born on November 2, 2014 in the late afternoon. He is Penny’s third calf, her second son. This wonderful addition brings our bongo herd up to 3. We are […]

More New Babies at the Houston Zoo!

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Baby De Brazza

Adorable baby okapi not enough cuteness for you? Never fear, more Zoo babies are here! These little ones were born recently at the Houston Zoo. We hope you have a chance to come out and visit them soon! This year, we had not one, but two baby De Brazza’s monkeys! A baby was born in […]

Baby Okapi Born at the Zoo!

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What looks like a zebra, but is related to giraffe? Okapi! The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a baby okapi.  The yet-to-be-named male calf was born on November 6 and has been thriving under the care of his mother, Tulia.The pair will continue to bond behind the scenes for the next […]

The Birth of a Baby Giraffe Helps Us Grow by 6 Feet!

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We’re all smiles and happy to announce the birth of another Masai giraffe! Neema delivered the healthy female calf shortly after 7 a.m. on Sunday at the McGovern Giraffe Habitat at The African Forest following a 14-month pregnancy. “After a very short labor, Neema delivered her baby girl at 7:20 a.m. Sunday, August 3,” said Houston […]

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