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Carnivorous Plant Garden Opens May 16

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We all know that the Houston Zoo has lots of carnivores, right?   Lions, tigers, bears, foxes and many more. But, did you know that even some of the plants on grounds are carnivorous? The Zoo’s amazing Horticulture Department is opening a new carnivorous plant garden! The grand opening will be May 16. This wonderful garden […]

Species Spotlight: Black Bear Cubs Willow and Belle

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Our American black bear cubs, Willow and Belle, are anything but ordinary. In fact, they are not black at all! The Zoo received these orphaned cubs in December 2013 and initially weighed 40 pounds. However, carnivore keeper Stephanie Mantilla reported that Willow is 139 pounds, and Belle is 148 pounds. Some of their favorite foraging […]

The Houston Zoo is Protecting African Painted Dogs in the Wild!

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P. Dog029083

The Houston Zoo loves its African Painted dogs and is committed to doing whatever we can to save them in the wild!  We partner with organizations that work tirelessly to ensure the protection of painted dogs in Africa and we strive to enhance their incredible work by providing many forms of support. Next week we will be […]

Clouded Leopard Cubs Play Outside!

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Our twelve-week-old clouded leopard cubs Koshi and Senja took their first romp in the grass today during one of their final days behind-the-scenes. As they grow, their mischievous personalities are becoming more and more apparent. Koshi thinks it’s fun to practice his aerial skills by leaping onto the caregivers while Senja prefers climbing and has […]

Clouded Leopard Cubs Born at the Zoo!

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Clouded Leopard Cubs

Friday, June 6 was an exciting day at the Houston Zoo as we welcomed two clouded leopard cubs to our family. The unnamed male cubs were born after an unassisted, one-hour labor.  After a healthy proclamation by our chief veterinarian, zookeepers began steps to hand-raise the cubs.  The cubs began successfully nursing from a bottle […]

Come with the Zoo to Yellowstone in the winter

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Have you ever seen the air sparkle?  Well, that happens in Yellowstone during the winter. During February 2014, 6 Houstonians ventured to Yellowstone for a special winter adventure with the Houston Zoo. All of our Yellowstone adventures are made possible by our partners at Teton Science School’s Wildlife Expeditions. The Teton Science School is an […]

Saving Lions is Elementary for Lyons Elementary

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This post written by Angie Pyle. Lions have always been a symbol of strength and power.  The truth is lions in the wild are not doing well. Lions have lost over 80% of their original range and we have seen 30% decline in lion populations throughout Africa in the past 2 decades.  Today there are […]

Elderly Animals at the Houston Zoo: Carnivore “Golden Girls”

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When you think of carnivores like jaguars and bears, what comes to mind? Sharp teeth and claws, perhaps? Maybe you wouldn’t want to run into them in a dark alley? This is true, but at the Houston Zoo, they have something else in common – ours are getting up there in years, and they have […]

Farewell to Aries, African Painted Dog

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African Painted Dog Aries

As the New Year dawned, the Houston Zoo bid a sad but fond farewell to Aries, one of our three African painted dogs.  Twelve year old Aries had lived at the Houston Zoo with pack mates Mikita, his nephew, and Blaze, his brother since their arrival from the Bronx Zoo in 2009. Painted dogs are […]

Climbing for Clouded Leopards! November 13 at Texas Rock Gym

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cfcl pic

Written by Ali Striggow Join us at the Texas Rock Gym on November 13th for the third annual Climbing for Clouded Leopards event! Texas Rock Gym will be donating 50% of their proceeds between the hours of 4pm and 9pm to clouded leopard conservation. We will also have a silent auction and raffle from 6-9pm […]

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