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Penny the cat discovers Gorillas

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Penny contemplating gorillas

Hello all. Penny the Swap Shop cat here. There is something new going on at the zoo. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I kept hearing about these new animals at the zoo…..gorillas. So, I did some research. It seems the Houston Zoo has added 7 new gorillas. A bachelor group and a […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Peep

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Peep, the Goat We hope that you had a happy Easter! It just so happens that April’s Goat of the Month is Peep! She and her twin brother, Cadbury, were born on 3/27/2005, which just happened to be Easter Sunday! Peep the goat is not named after the sound that a fluffy, yellow baby chicken […]

The Importance of Pollinators

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Pollinators - source USDA Forest Service

Pollinating insects are a crucial part of the health and well-being of our planet. They enable plants to set seed and reproduce, driving the Earth’s terrestrial ecosystems and providing us with fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, spices, coffee and fiber for clothing (to name a few items we can’t live without).   But did you know that […]

What’s New In The Naturally Wild Swap Shop?

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Flying Fox Bat Skeleton Replica

There have been two amazing new additions to the Naturally Wild Swap Shop! Thanks to the generous funding of the Junior League of Houston, we now have replicas of a flying fox bat skeleton and of a pygmy sperm whale skeleton! Flying fox bats belong to the megabat suborder and are the largest bats in the […]

Plastic Recycling and the Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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These floating bags look like edible jellyfish to wildlife.

As a leader in conservation, the Houston Zoo has decided to focus our efforts on 6 new initiatives.  They are as follows: Cell Phone Recycling Paper Recycling Plastic Recycling Seafood Watch Palm Oil Pollinators You will be seeing information on all of these topics, but today we will focus on plastics. According to the EPA, […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Bono

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March’s Goat of the Month is…(drumroll please)… Bono! (Musical pun intended). Unlike his famous namesake, Bono the goat is not much of a singer, though he can get pretty vocal around feeding time! Like the majority of our goat herd here in the Children’s Zoo Bono is a Nigerian dwarf goat. This breed originated in […]