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Working with Conservation Partners in the Galapagos Islands

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Educators participate in an activity about their unique islands led by our partners at Ecology Project International

The Houston Zoo is proud to partner with organizations around the world that actively save wildlife. We have been working in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador for many years, providing expertise in veterinary medicine as well as environmental education. This past week, Houston Zoo staff visited the Galapagos to help facilitate a 3-day workshop with […]

Houston Zoo Guests are Helping to Save Sharks in the Wild

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Whitespotted Bamboo Shark Baby-0002-8227 (1)

When visiting the zoo you may see our sharks, rays and sea turtles. The ocean is close to Houston’s heart with the Gulf of Mexico just down the road and keeping the ocean healthy is a high priority to the Houston Zoo and sharks do just that.  This misunderstood species works hard to keep a healthy balance […]

From the Wild: Working with Like-Minded Organizations to Protect Gorillas

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With the arrival of our gorillas and a brand new exhibit opening in May 2015, we are committed to ensuring gorillas are protected in the wild. Houston Zoo staff is currently visiting our gorilla conservation partners in Rwanda to see how we can continue to grow our partnerships to ensure mountain gorillas are protected. The […]

The Giant Armadillo Project

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Giant Armadillo

Contributors: Arnaud Desbiez, Giant Armadillo Project; Renee Bumpus, Houston Zoo When you visit the Houston Zoo, you may be lucky enough to see our 3-banded armadillos out and around with our zookeepers.  We love our armadillos and are committed to helping their species in the wild. The Houston Zoo values its ability to be a […]

The Houston Zoo is Protecting African Painted Dogs in the Wild!

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P. Dog029083

The Houston Zoo loves its African Painted dogs and is committed to doing whatever we can to save them in the wild!  We partner with organizations that work tirelessly to ensure the protection of painted dogs in Africa and we strive to enhance their incredible work by providing many forms of support. Next week we will be […]

Prior to departure – ALWAYS count your crates!

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Our plane awaits - with the crates being loading in.

We are taking 20 GOWE and 12 MAFD back to AZA zoos in the US mainland.  Their journey is long and we will be there to help them and monitor them the entire way. We finally are able to book a flight for the birds and us to get to Guam.  We work with Star […]

Waiting for departure

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Our humble quarantine area for the birds

We have to hold the birds going back to the US in a quarantine situation for 7 days prior to departure.  The hotel room we are using qualifies as an appropriate quarantine area.  We also have to work with Guam and Hawaii to get import permits – as both these areas are very strict about […]

Translocation day for the birds from Tinian

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a trip of a lifetime!

We have been worried all week about weather.  Not only did the bad weather slow down our trapping schedule, it almost impacted our ability to translocate the RUFA from Tinian to Sarigan. There was a weather “system” developing (the description sounded like a tropical storm system to me).  This would severely impact our ability to […]

What Do You Call a Thousand Tadpoles?

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Some people call a group of tadpoles a “knot,” while others call them a “cloud,” or a “school.”  We’ve been contemplating this same question here at the Houston toad program, wondering what to call the army (hey, that works!) of Houston toad tadpoles that will emerge from all of the eggs we have released into […]

Home to One of the World’s Most Endangered Primates

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photo 5

There is a mystique to Van Long Nature Reserve and an old legend of the cliffs in this region. While passing the highest mountain, a fairy saw the charming landscape and stopped to behold it. She met and fell in love with a poor man who lived on the mountain. Due to their love they […]

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