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Celebrate Tapirs with Us: Tapir SOS

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Post by Mary Fields This weekend, April 25th and 26th, the Houston Zoo will be holding a Tapir Spotlight on Species from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Throughout the day we will have fun activities for everyone to play, a photo-op with our “camera trap”, and a chance for you to help enrich our very […]

What is Coltan? What is Tantalum? How You Can Help!

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willie chimp

Written by Joshua Cano Did you know that you can help tens of thousands of animals in the wild with one simple action? In today’s world almost everyone has some type of electronic device. You are most likely reading this blog on your personal computer, tablet or cell phone. These and most other electronic devices […]

From the Wild: Working with Like-Minded Organizations to Protect Gorillas

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With the arrival of our gorillas and a brand new exhibit opening in May 2015, we are committed to ensuring gorillas are protected in the wild. Houston Zoo staff is currently visiting our gorilla conservation partners in Rwanda to see how we can continue to grow our partnerships to ensure mountain gorillas are protected. The […]

Sabinga’s Updates: Houston Teens On Conservation

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Renee-Use-THis (1)

Houston Zoo has messages about conservation both in the zoo buildings and outside in the public spaces that relate to the animals we care for! Houston Zoo Education Department conducts education programs for all ages.  A program is where an educator or naturalist may show and talk about live animals, or point out important aspects at […]

Houston Zoo, Patricia Medici, & The Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative

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The four living tapir species occur in the tropics of Central America (Baird’s tapir), South America (lowland tapir, mountain tapir), and Southeast Asia (Malayan tapir).  The lowland tapir has the broadest range of the four species extending from north-central Colombia and east of the Andes throughout most of tropical South America down to north-eastern Argentina […]

Houston Zoo Welcomes Painted Dog Conservationist from Zimbabwe!

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MK from PDC at HZI-0005-5696 (1)

It’s not a secret that one of the Houston Zoo’s main objectives is to spread both awareness and conservation for all its endangered or threatened species. One of the species the Zoo closely works with is the African painted dog (also known as the African wild dog). In fact, our facilities team jumped on the opportunity […]

Action for Apes Challenge is in Full Swing

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Our 2015 Action for Apes Cell Phone Recycling Challenge is off to a great start! The Action for Apes Challenge is a community-wide cell phone recycling contest to help save gorillas in the wild. So far we have 21 Houston area groups who have signed up for the 2015 Challenge! These groups are from all around […]

The Lemurs of Madagascar

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lemur group

Lemurs are a unique kind of primate and may resemble a cross between a cat and a squirrel. All lemurs are found only on the island of Madagascar off the East Coast of Africa. There, new lemur species are still being discovered with now over 100 recorded to date. Lemurs range in size, shape and specialty; ring-tailed lemurs are the size of […]

The Giant Armadillo Project

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Giant Armadillo

Contributors: Arnaud Desbiez, Giant Armadillo Project; Renee Bumpus, Houston Zoo When you visit the Houston Zoo, you may be lucky enough to see our 3-banded armadillos out and around with our zookeepers.  We love our armadillos and are committed to helping their species in the wild. The Houston Zoo values its ability to be a […]

New Houston Zoo Intern Joins us From Kenya!

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Sabinga, a native Kenyan and employee of Save the Elephants joins the Houston Zoo intern family!

The Houston Zoo is excited to welcome a new intern who comes to us all the way from Kenya, in East Africa. Sabinga is in the United States participating in the Community College Initiative Program (CCIP). The Community College Initiative Program is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by Northern Virginia Community College […]

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