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Be a Holiday Hero-Recycle Your Old Phone at Zoo Lights!

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Save chimps by recycling your old cell phone with us during Zoo Lights!

Did you know you could be a holiday animal hero just by visiting the Houston Zoo this holiday season for our 2nd annual Zoo Lights event? A portion of every ticket sold here at the Houston Zoo goes towards saving animals in the wild. I bet you didn’t know that as a Houston Zoo guest, […]

Be a Conservation Hero: Meet MARVEL Characters at the Zoo!

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Be a Conservation Hero! Join us the weekend of September 21st and 22nd to meet MARVEL characters, visit the Rhino Spotlight on Species and the Elephant Open House to protect animals in the wild!

There are so many ways to be a conservation hero, not only at home but at the Zoo too! We have so many events the weekend of September 21st and 22nd where you can Be a Conservation Hero! Not only can you join us at our Elephant Open House on 9/21 to save elephants in […]

Be a Rhino Hero: Donate a Wildlife Book!

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Help save rhinos in the wild! Donate a wildlife book at the Rhino SOS on 9/21 or 9/22!

There are many ways the Houston Zoo works to help protect wildlife, habitats and people around the world. Our guests can be part of the Zoo’s efforts to save wildlife in any number of ways. On September 21st and September 22nd, visit the Houston Zoo for the Rhino Spotlight on Species. The Rhino Spotlight on […]

Be an Elephant Hero – Upcoming Elephant Events, Online Auction

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Asian elephants at the Houston Zoo

At the Houston Zoo we are proud to exhibit some of the world’s most unique, intelligent and fascinating animals. Our Asian elephants at the Zoo are hard to miss- we have lots of them and they are quite big! We are determined to protect our zoo’s elephant counterparts in the wild, both in Asia and […]