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Pollinator Pals in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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Drake planting passion flower

Meet the first of the Houston Zoo’s Pollinator Pals!  Ollie, Drake and Ginger are regular traders in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop, and now they are also Pollinator Pals! They each picked out the plant they wanted to grow and what pollinators they wanted to attract. Ollie planted hyacinth bean to attract hummingbirds, Drake planted […]

Carnivorous Plant Garden Opens May 16

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We all know that the Houston Zoo has lots of carnivores, right?   Lions, tigers, bears, foxes and many more. But, did you know that even some of the plants on grounds are carnivorous? The Zoo’s amazing Horticulture Department is opening a new carnivorous plant garden! The grand opening will be May 16. This wonderful garden […]

Pollinators and The Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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A gecko about to pollinate a tropical flower

Pollinators – what are they and why are they important? A pollinator is an animal that helps a flowering plant complete its life-cycle by picking up pollen from one flower and moving it to another of the same type.  This fertilizes the plant, allowing it to form seeds for the next generation. Why does that […]

Bug House Now Open

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The Bug House is open! Excuse our excitement, but this is a bug big deal!   Our Bug House is a brand new exhibit that is solely dedicated to showcasing bugs and why they are so important to our ecosystem. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the colorful beetles, centipedes, millipedes, stick insects, […]

Spiders spotlighted at the Houston Zoo

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Spineybacked Orbweaver

Right now there is a group that you wouldn’t expect working hard to help you.  They are working really hard to help you with pest control.  If they are in your house, you could see 2,000 LESS insects inside your home over the course of a year. Who are these fabulous helpers?  Spiders!  And, on May 17 from 9:30 to […]

Lions, Tigers, and BUGS, Oh My!

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Very soon, you will be able to see some of the most interesting and colorful animals in the brand new Bug House, located near the entrance to the Children’s Zoo. Following eight months of construction, the Bug House will soon open its doors and we are sure it will be a guest favorite! Adjoining the […]

Penny, The Mighty Insect Hunter

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 Hello everyone, Penny here, and I am on a mission. As many cats are, I am a mighty bug hunter.  In the past, I have been happy hunting crickets or flies, but now I have something bigger in mind. Right next door to the Swap Shop (where I live), a new building is being built.  […]

Insects are Crawling Our Way – Insectarium in Spring 2014

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Currently underway at the Houston Zoo is construction on an exhibit premiering Memorial Day Weekend, 2014!  With help from architects of The Portico Group based in Seattle, we intend to create an exciting new adventure for kids of all ages.    We have recently broken ground on our newest attraction which will be a dual exhibit […]

Thank You Spider, for Killing the Bugs That Bug Us

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Poor spiders! They seem to be at or near the top of most folks’ list of creepy crawly icky things that they don’t want anywhere near them. They usually make the sides of pest control vans too, even though they’re practically the opposite of a pest. Spiders never infest your food supplies, but they eat […]

Pollinators get you Points!

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This weekend, Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24, the Houston Zoo will be celebrating Pollinators Day.  There will be booths, keeper chats and activities for the kids. The Naturally Wild Swap Shop will join in the fun.  Any nature journal on pollinators or pollination will get double points!  Topics can include (but are not […]

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