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Penny the cat discovers Gorillas

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Penny contemplating gorillas

Hello all. Penny the Swap Shop cat here. There is something new going on at the zoo. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I kept hearing about these new animals at the zoo…..gorillas. So, I did some research. It seems the Houston Zoo has added 7 new gorillas. A bachelor group and a […]

Year of the Goat – Featuring Han Solo

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With so many animals here at the Houston Zoo, it can be difficult to come up with unique names. Those of you who read the blog last month learned that we named April’s goat after Easter candy.  May’s goat of the month is named not for food but for a famous character in a movie. […]

Hey Kids! Celebrate Dia del Nino at the Zoo This Sunday

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Dia del Nino Logo

Many nations throughout the world celebrate Día del Niño, or Children’s Day, to honor and celebrate children who represent the hopes and dreams of every community. This Sunday, April 26 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we will be joining in the celebration with games, activities and music just for kids! Visit the booth in the […]

Teelew’s Treehouse!

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What does spin, sight, silent, sleep and screech have in common? Give up? They all start with the letter S. Hi! Come and join me, Miss. Trina at the Butterfly Pavilion located in the John P Mc Govern Children’s Zoo for Teelew’s Treehouse. Using the letters of the alphabet, engaging experiments, phonics, activities, and games […]

Penny has been working hard in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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My goodness, but this summer was busy.  The zoo had great attendance and, here in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop, we had record numbers of trades in June, July and August! My name is Penny, and it is my job to greet guests and be an ambassador for the zoo. I have been quite busy.  With so […]

The Day is almost here!

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The Naturally Wild Swap Shop

The count down is on – Trader Appreciation Day is almost here! On Saturday, August 16, 2014, from 9AM to 3PM we will be celebrating the Naturally Wild Swap Shop’s five year anniversary by honoring all the traders that have made it such a success. Anyone trading during the event will receive 100 extra points.   […]

The Making of Houston Zoo Kids

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It all started because of a problem, as many things do. As a Zoo, we work hard to protect animals in the wild every day, and we have lots of ways we inform our guests about what is happening out there and how they can help. This information has always been accessible to adults, but […]

Trader Appreciation Day

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The Naturally Wild Swap Shop

Five years ago this August, the Naturally Wild Swap Shop made its debut in the McGovern Children’s Zoo.  Over that 5 year time span, the shop has grown by leaps and bounds.  We now have over 4,000 traders and continue to grow. To celebrate this anniversary and to thank all the traders who have made […]

It’s Groundhog Day! Well, it will be on Sunday…

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So if you have been following our blogs a few years, you may have seen this one before. Basically, nothing has changed about Groundhogs Day in the past 200+ years, let alone since early 2013. But for all you newcomers – use this to make you friends believe you are a rodent genius. Normally, our winters are […]

How to Make a Lion Sock Puppet (And Other Animals, Too!)

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Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Have a single, random colored sock in your drawer because the dryer ate the other one? Never fear – we’ll put it to good use! Here’s how you can make a sock puppet out of it. We teach you how to make a lion, but you […]

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