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Gorillas Explore Their Habitat

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Four of the seven western lowland gorillas making their home at the Houston Zoo had access to explore the main habitat yard for the first time today, April 8. The family group spent time closely examining the entire area, from climbing a specially-designed felled cement tree to collecting all the treats the keepers spread throughout. […]

New Weekend Parking Option This Spring

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During spring break, the Houston Zoo offered additional parking for all its guests and animal enthusiasts. Now the additional parking is offered Saturdays & Sundays through May 31. The lot is located at 7100 William C. Harvin – Entrance 35. Parking is $6 per car, but the shuttle is free and runs continuously from 10 […]

Artists Paint Massive Gorilla Murals Around Houston

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Here at the Houston Zoo, we can hardly wait for our grand opening of our new Gorillas at the Houston Zoo habitat in May. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until May to see gorillas… We’ve teamed up with five insanely talented artists who have each designed a mural featuring gorillas. Each one pours personality and style into […]

Lions, Tigers, and BUGS, Oh My!

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Very soon, you will be able to see some of the most interesting and colorful animals in the brand new Bug House, located near the entrance to the Children’s Zoo. Following eight months of construction, the Bug House will soon open its doors and we are sure it will be a guest favorite! Adjoining the […]

Wombats: Coming to the Zoo this Summer!

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This is what a wombat looks like!

This summer, not only will we be featuring giant bugs and opening an all new Bug House, but there will also be a new mammal making its debut at the Houston Zoo: the wombat! The wombat hails from Australia, and there are 3 types: the northern hairy-nosed, the southern hairy-nosed, and the common wombat. The Houston […]

Insects are Crawling Our Way – Insectarium in Spring 2014

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Currently underway at the Houston Zoo is construction on an exhibit premiering Memorial Day Weekend, 2014!  With help from architects of The Portico Group based in Seattle, we intend to create an exciting new adventure for kids of all ages.    We have recently broken ground on our newest attraction which will be a dual exhibit […]

See the Siamangs Swing Through Their New Habitat

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If you haven’t made it over to Wortham World of Primates recently, the newly renovated Siamang & Agile Gibbon Habitat is breathtaking. We’ve replaced the heavy wire mesh on the front with invisimesh, and you can see (and photograph!) through it like it wasn’t even there. Here’s one of the residents you’ll see: Leela is […]

Macaws Flutter Into Their Renovated Habitat, Squawk Loudly

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Original Macaw Habitat

Our macaw habitat renovation is now complete! Next time you come to the Zoo, check out these gorgeous birds in their spacious new digs. The original macaw habitat was hard to see, with lots of foliage covering the viewing areas, mesh that was thick, and lots of shade. Now, there is still plenty of shade […]