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Pollinator Pals in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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Drake planting passion flower

Meet the first of the Houston Zoo’s Pollinator Pals!  Ollie, Drake and Ginger are regular traders in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop, and now they are also Pollinator Pals! They each picked out the plant they wanted to grow and what pollinators they wanted to attract. Ollie planted hyacinth bean to attract hummingbirds, Drake planted […]

Plants, Pollinators, and Pansies

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Springtime is finally here, which means that vibrant and colorful plants and flowers that we love are finally in bloom! During this time, several species of plants are starting to blossom throughout the zoo, including those in the butterfly garden, the carnivorous plants, Chinese Fringe trees, and Ground Orchids just to name a few – […]

The Importance of Pollinators

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Pollinators - source USDA Forest Service

Pollinating insects are a crucial part of the health and well-being of our planet. They enable plants to set seed and reproduce, driving the Earth’s terrestrial ecosystems and providing us with fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, spices, coffee and fiber for clothing (to name a few items we can’t live without).   But did you know that […]

Pollinators and The Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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A gecko about to pollinate a tropical flower

Pollinators – what are they and why are they important? A pollinator is an animal that helps a flowering plant complete its life-cycle by picking up pollen from one flower and moving it to another of the same type.  This fertilizes the plant, allowing it to form seeds for the next generation. Why does that […]

Science Made Simple: Pollinators

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My name is Ryan and I love science. Join me as I try to make tough science…not so tough. Follow along as I research the issues, untangle the mess, and figure out what you really need to know to help animals and the environment. Today’s Topic: Pollinators Confusing Science: In the United States, the economic monetary […]

We Can Save Elephants in Africa With Beehives? It’s the Bees’ Knees!

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Well done Mbumba and the Mbamba village beehive fence team. At least 3 of the 12 initial hives have already been colonized by bees, and possibly more soon. The community reports that 10 elephants ran away from the fence last week!

If I were to tell you that we use an Anatolian Shepherd (that is a really big dog, really big!) in front of our Cheetah exhibit to tell the story of how livestock owners in Africa use dogs to protect livestock and chase away cheetahs you would think, ok – that makes some sense. Chasing […]

Danger from above! By Peter Riger, Houston Zoo’s, Vice-President of Conservation reporting from Borneo

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Vice President of Conservation, Peter Riger is visiting Borneo to find out how the Houston Zoo can be of further assistance in the race to save Asian wildlife. I woke up this morning to what sounded like a helicopter outside my screen window but it was only the largest bee I had ever seen and […]

The Year in Blogs

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I do not even know where to start to make sense of some of our blog posts in 2012, all written to try and bring your attention to both the successes and issues facing our environment. I really have no idea what may or may not have caught your attention. No matter how often our […]

The Bee’s Knees

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One of the most important aspects of the Houston Zoo is the commitment its employees have to conserving wildlife and connecting people to these efforts. This passion for wildlife extends far beyond the impressive Zoo exhibits and day-to-day programming our guests typically see. The Zoo has found a creative way to foster our employees’ passion […]

Pollinators get you Points!

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This weekend, Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24, the Houston Zoo will be celebrating Pollinators Day.  There will be booths, keeper chats and activities for the kids. The Naturally Wild Swap Shop will join in the fun.  Any nature journal on pollinators or pollination will get double points!  Topics can include (but are not […]

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