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What is Browse and Why Do Our Primates Like it?

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will blog browse can

What is browse? Is it looking at a magazine while you’re at the doctor’s office? Or trying to find something on the internet? Well, no, when we talk about browse in the zoo we’re talking about plants and vegetation.  The definition of browse at the zoo is: fresh plants that are given to an animal […]

Penny the cat discovers Gorillas

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Penny contemplating gorillas

Hello all. Penny the Swap Shop cat here. There is something new going on at the zoo. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I kept hearing about these new animals at the zoo…..gorillas. So, I did some research. It seems the Houston Zoo has added 7 new gorillas. A bachelor group and a […]

Eat Pizza. Save Gorillas!

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We have another fun (and tasty) way for you to help save gorillas! This Thursday, May 21, order Papa John’s online, use promo code GORILLA, and $1 of your purchase will be donated to the Houston Zoo’s gorilla conservation program. This offer is valid only on May 21. Order online at, and don’t forget […]

Happy Birthday Willie!!!

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The Houston Zoo is wishing chimpanzee Willie a very Happy Birthday! Over the past five years, since the opening of the chimpanzee exhibit in 2010, we have watched as Willie has grown from a playful juvenile chimpanzee to a mature adult chimpanzee. During this past year, he has risen in rank to become the dominant […]

What is Coltan? What is Tantalum? How You Can Help!

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willie chimp

Written by Joshua Cano Did you know that you can help tens of thousands of animals in the wild with one simple action? In today’s world almost everyone has some type of electronic device. You are most likely reading this blog on your personal computer, tablet or cell phone. These and most other electronic devices […]

The Life and Times of Opie the Goeldi’s Monkey

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Written by Amy Berting & Nathan Fox Once upon a time at the Houston Zoo, there was a boy Goeldi’s monkey named Andy, and he met this beautiful girl Goeldi’s monkey named Peach. They quickly became inseparable, and through hard times and good times they were the ideal couple. They had so many adventures at the zoo […]

Gorillas Explore Their Habitat

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Four of the seven western lowland gorillas making their home at the Houston Zoo had access to explore the main habitat yard for the first time today, April 8. The family group spent time closely examining the entire area, from climbing a specially-designed felled cement tree to collecting all the treats the keepers spread throughout. […]

Our Little Jumping Bean!

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Written By Joshua Cano If you have been to the zoo recently and gone to the mandrill exhibit, you have probably seen our little bundle of joy hopping around the exhibit next to mom.  Annabelle is now 5 months old! She is the first offspring of Louise (mom) and Ushindi (dad).  Annabelle’s birth here at […]

Monkey Business… aka “Love”

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One of the beautiful De Brazza babies.

By Marjorie Pepin It’s February, and love is in the air at the Houston Zoo. But can love withstand the test of time? That question not only applies to humans, but to animals, too! A few of our monkey couples have managed to last longer than most human marriages, and that’s a big deal!  We […]

Monkey & Ape Weights: Our Need to Know

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Zoos all over the world now regularly weigh animals under their care. How does one weigh a huge orangutan or a tiny tamarin? Well, training your critter to sit on a scale is the first part, and patience is the second part. Oh, and a nice treat as a reward is the last (and best part) as […]

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