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Over 1,500 Cell Phones Recycled During Action for Apes Challenge!

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We have just concluded our 2015 Action for Apes Challenge, during which 1,562 cell phones and other handheld electronic devices were recycled! Over 30 schools, businesses and community groups around Texas competed to see who could recycle the most cell phones by April 30th, 2015. Each cell phone that was recycled is an action taken […]

What is Coltan? What is Tantalum? How You Can Help!

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willie chimp

Written by Joshua Cano Did you know that you can help tens of thousands of animals in the wild with one simple action? In today’s world almost everyone has some type of electronic device. You are most likely reading this blog on your personal computer, tablet or cell phone. These and most other electronic devices […]

The Action For Apes Challenge Has Begun!

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Chimpanzee painting

Do you want to win a painting done by the gorillas (arriving soon!), chimpanzees and mandrills at the Houston Zoo and  help save these species in the wild? If you answered yes, then the Action for Apes Challenge is for you! The Action for Apes Challenge is a competition between Houston area schools, organizations, and businesses […]