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Saving Sea Turtles in the Gulf – Part 1

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Turtle excluder devices help protect sea turtles, like this guy, from shrimp nets!

Greetings from Panama City! The Houston Zoo recently visited Florida with our partners at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to test turtle excluder devices (TEDs) for fisheries across the globe to incorporate into their shrimp nets. These TEDs are critical – and required by federal law – to ensure the safety of sea turtles […]

Magnificent Madagascar Turtles!

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mad close up

This post was written by Bailey Cheney. If you’ve stopped by the ring-tailed lemur exhibit at Wortham World of Primates recently, you might have seen some turtles basking in the sun. Often, while keepers feed the lemurs, they get asked if they’re real turtles. This is because the turtles sit perfectly still as they enjoy the […]

Baylor College of Medicine Offers Big Help to Komodo Dragon, Smaug

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This piece written by Dipail Pathak, Baylor College of Medicine Baylor College of Medicine and the Houston Zoo previously have collaborated on researching the elephant herpes virus and are now partnering again to help another zoo resident, a 16-year-old Komodo dragon named Smaug. Baylor faculty in the Orthotics and Prosthetics Program have been working closely with […]

Snakes and Reptiles – An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

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In general, reptiles are a misunderstood and much-maligned group of animals. Literature published as far back as 1735 describes reptiles as “foul and loathsome animals.” Unfortunately, this viewpoint is still held by many people today, especially when snakes are the reptiles being discussed. The unreasonable fear of snakes is quite prevalent in our society and […]

East Texas Herpetological Society – March 2015 Meeting

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Join us for the East Texas Herpetological Society’s March 2015 meeting at the Houston Zoo. This event is free and open to the public! Who: Guest Speaker – Tim Cole When: Saturday, March 21, 2015 Where: The Houston Zoo – Brown Education Building 6200 Hermann Park Drive Houston, TX 77030 Details: – Refreshments at 7:00 PM – Talk […]

The Cameroon Stumptail Chameleon

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Did you know that dwarf chameleons have a very unique way to deter predators and rival chameleons? They vibrate like a cell phone! At the Houston Zoo, guests can see a pair of male and female Cameroon stumptail chameleons inside the Reptile and Amphibian House. The pair came to the Zoo under tragic circumstances just […]

A New Anole

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Written by Monty Criswell The Hispaniolan Giant Anole (Anolis ricordi) is a large anole that inhabits the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which comprises the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  It is thought to be widespread throughout the island; however, the species has not yet been evaluated by the IUCN.  This anole is considered […]

Not Your Usual Box Turtle

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There is a turtle in the state of Coahuila, Mexico that doesn’t act like a regular box turtle.  This turtle is semi- aquatic.  It has the handy dandy hinges so that it can close itself up for protection but it spends at least as much time in the water as it does on land.  This […]

Springtime and Snakes

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Copperhead snake

Hello, and welcome to spring.  With the warm weather, your odds of encountering a snake go way up, and Texas has lots of snakes.   From 7 foot rat snakes, to the diminutive earth snake, Harris County snakes are quite variable.  Most are harmless, but we do have a few venomous species.  On Saturday, May 31, […]

Cleaning up crab traps to save animals in the wild

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One of the biggest threats to marine animals is being entangled or trapped in garbage.  The Houston Zoo houses many marine animals and is committed to doing everything we can to protect their counter parts in the wild. Houston Zoo staff participates in keeping our upper Texas Coast clean by joining in garbage removal efforts.  Every year we assist […]

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