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Houstonians are Saving Rhinos in the Wild

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Standing Sophiephoto

A young Houstonian is doing all she can to save her favorite animals in the wild.  Sophie held a bake sale in her local Houston neighborhood and this was the invitation that was sent out last month. “Well, I love rhinos (among other zoo animals)! And I just discovered that I love baking! Combine those […]

Happy Birthday to Mumbles the Rhino! He’s Three Years Old

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Not only is it Cinco de Rhino today, but it is also a very important birthday! Today is the 3rd birthday of our White Rhino, Mumbles! Mumbles is the largest of our three rhinos weighing at 2,300 pounds. Surprisingly he’s not fully grown just yet! White rhinos can tip the scales at 4,000 pounds so […]

White Rhinos Are Actually Gray, and Other Rhino News

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By Jessica Sigle and Ashley Roth In preparation for our Rhino Spotlight on Species event we would like to introduce you to the five rhino species. Today we will be highlighting the two African species:  the White rhinos and Black rhinos. Did you know white rhinos are not really white? They are actually gray or […]

Be a Rhino Hero: Donate a Wildlife Book!

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Help save rhinos in the wild! Donate a wildlife book at the Rhino SOS on 9/21 or 9/22!

There are many ways the Houston Zoo works to help protect wildlife, habitats and people around the world. Our guests can be part of the Zoo’s efforts to save wildlife in any number of ways. On September 21st and September 22nd, visit the Houston Zoo for the Rhino Spotlight on Species. The Rhino Spotlight on […]

Be an Elephant Hero – Upcoming Elephant Events, Online Auction

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Asian elephants at the Houston Zoo

At the Houston Zoo we are proud to exhibit some of the world’s most unique, intelligent and fascinating animals. Our Asian elephants at the Zoo are hard to miss- we have lots of them and they are quite big! We are determined to protect our zoo’s elephant counterparts in the wild, both in Asia and […]

The Year in Blogs

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I do not even know where to start to make sense of some of our blog posts in 2012, all written to try and bring your attention to both the successes and issues facing our environment. I really have no idea what may or may not have caught your attention. No matter how often our […]

A Day in the Life of a Rhino Keeper

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This post written by Ashley Roth The three white rhinos housed at the Houston Zoo are not alone in their exhibit. They share their home with antelope called Greater Kudu. It takes the keepers on average one hour to clean the exhibit. The kudu defecate wherever they please while the rhinos like to defecate in […]

How to Train Your Rhino

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This post written by Tim Junker & Jessica Sigle The Houston Zoo’s three rhinos came to us straight out of Africa without knowing any trained behaviors or even their own names.  It became critically important to get these animals to at least come over to us when called, otherwise no training could proceed.  It didn’t […]

Double Points in the Naturally Wild Swap Shop

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 How can you get DOUBLE points in the Swap Shop?  Any time an animal section has a Spotlight on the Species or other program focused on an animal or plant – bring in a Nature Journal on that topic!  Nature Journals can be as simple as information on sheets of notebook paper.  They can be as detailed and […]

World Rhino Day Celebration at the Houston Zoo

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This post written by Ashley Roth The Houston Zoo is home to three White Rhinos. Rhinos are a magnificent species that have survived for more than 50 million years. There are five species that exist today; two African species – White and Black rhinos, three Asian species – Greater One-horned (Indian), Sumatran, and Javan Rhinos. […]

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