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Discover What Makes the Houston Toad So Unique

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The Houston Zoo is excited to welcome a new intern who comes to us all the way from Kenya, in East Africa. Gilbert Sabinga is in the United States as participating in the Community College Initiative Program (CCIP). The Community College Initiative Program is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by Northern […]

Attend Zoo Boo & Learn How to Help Animals in the Wild!

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Visit us at Zoo Boo this year and learn how you are helping the Zoo to save animals in the wild!

Our annual Zoo Boo event is a Houston favorite…costumes, candy, zoo animals, tatzoos, you name it-we have it! But did you know that this event includes incredibly fun activities for kids and families to help save animals in the wild?! Zoe the Zookeeper’s Howlerween Adventure has been part of Zoo Boo for many years now, […]

Texas Sea Turtles Getting Checkups and Returning to the Wild!

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Sargassum buildup on the Galveston beaches. Unfortunately, trash often washes in during sargassum events as well as wildlife!

This week was a busy one for sea turtles on our coast-and it’s been this way for pretty much the entire summer! On Monday, Houston Zoo staff assisted NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) with their weekly beach survey. It was a fairly quiet day in the way of turtles on the beach, but we […]

Attwater’s prairie chicks are here!

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APC Eggs 2014-0001-2318

The Houston Zoo has already hatched 209 Attwater’s prairie chicks this Spring! All of these guys have made it through to the next stage of their lives and will stay with us here at the Zoo until they are ready for release as strong juveniles into the wild! Attwater’s prairie chickens are vanishing from the coastal […]

Let the Season Begin: It’s Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Time!

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It’s our biggest and best year yet for breeding a very special local species, the critically endangered Attwater’s Prairie Chicken! We’re very lucky to have gotten a record number of eggs from our flock so far, with more to come. Last year’s breeding season was an incredible success, so we can’t wait to see what […]

Sea Turtle Update: Getting the Green Light for Release

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Last week, the Houston Zoo vet clinic and NOAA checked out 9 sea turtles: 4 Kemp’s ridleys, 4 greens, and 1 hawksbill. The Kemp’s ridleys have been recovering from injuries at the NOAA Galveston facility, and will be released over the next few months. Threats to sea turtles are primarily people. People in the form […]

Why wait for Easter for an “egg-travaganza?!”

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The Houston toad team at the Houston Zoo has been working up a storm this spring – a storm of Houston toad eggs! As of this writing, the team has bred 23 groups of adult Houston toads (the groups consist of either one female and one male or one female and two male) since the […]

Finding the Wily, Wild Houston Toad!

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While many of us are enjoying these cool, winter evenings indoors in front of the TV with our favorite snack, Houston toad researchers are bundling up, grabbing a thermos of coffee and hitting the road to find the  elusive Houston toad! After the first heavy rain of the year, often near the end of January, […]

First Blue-billed curassow born under controlled conditions!

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It looks like things are headed in the right direction as this week has seen the first Blue-billed curassow hatchling!

Wonderful news! The critically endangered Blue-billed curassow, which is native to South America, has been successfully born under controlled conditions! This bird has been losing habitat and is a victim of poaching, leading to still declining numbers in the low hundreds. The Houston Zoo in partnership with Colombian Zoos and wildlife organizations held an incubation […]

Sea Turtles Get Check-ups at the Zoo!

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2 sea turtles visited the Houston Zoo today for a check-up by our Veterinary Staff. Both were green sea turtles that came in from the wild with injuries. The first green turtle is one that was found late summer completely entangled in fishing line (in fact, the turtle was still attached to a fishing pole […]

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