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Animal Safety at the Zoo: Babies Can Teach Us a Thing or Two!

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Baby Elephant Duncan

Call them clever. Call them rascals. Call them creative. Over the past several months, there have been a few animals that have found their way outside their usual space at the Zoo. In light of these recent experiences, we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk a bit about safety and how we […]

Flamingo Eggs Hatched, Fluffy Chicks Hand Raised by Keepers

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It was an exciting day when the first baby flamingo from the Houston Zoo flock hatched this year – the first baby to hatch in six years! Since that first baby, more eggs have been laid, and more adorable chicks have hatched. Right now, the chicks are located behind the scenes in the care of […]

Why Do Babirusas Like Mud so Much?

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Post written and video created by Joy Oria There’s a good chance when you see our babirusas they’ll be coated in mud. Unable to cool themselves by sweating or panting, babirusas, like other pig species, use wallowing in water or mud to stay cool. Wallowing has the added bonus of providing sunburn protection and removing […]

It’s about to Get Wild: The Great Texas Birding Classic

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For those of you that are already birders, you know what’s coming: ’tis the season to see unique, remarkable, and incredible birds as they migrate through the Texas Gulf Coast! If you’re not yet a birder, you can be…learn all about it – all you need is a field guide to get started! During this […]

There’s a hippo on a what?

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Over the Houston Zoo’s 90 years, we’ve answered many calls for assistance from law enforcement agencies and animal care agencies.  The Zoo answers the call from our area sheriffs’ departments (Harris, Montgomery, Brazoria) for  exotic animal emergencies. We also have a long history of assisting the Houston SPCA with exotic animal cases providing expert evaluations of animals’ conditions […]

Werler’s World

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A Houston Chronicle op-ed on Sunday, February 10 included a bit of previously unknown history about the Houston Zoo and the late Zoo Director John Werler. Janice Van Dyke Walden’s op-ed (Camp Strake property deserves to remain a natural oasis amid suburban growth) included the notation that “the first Canebrake rattlesnake to be registered in […]

Sisters of the Skillet and other diversions

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The Houston Zoo was a popular destination for Houstonians almost from the day it opened in 1922.  As word of head zoo keeper Hans Nagel’s ‘showmanship’ began to spread, attendance steadily climbed.  His Sunday afternoon big cat training demonstrations in The Arena drew large crowds through the ’20s and into the ‘Great Depression’ days of the […]

Ride ’em Hans!

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The maintenance and expansion of the Houston Zoo in the early 1920s has been characterized by one former Zoo facilities director as requiring an effort equivalent to the 12 tasks of Hercules.  Fred Maier wasn’t exaggerating when he wrote those words for a Houston Chronicle feature article on the occasion of the Houston Zoo’s 75th […]

It wasn’t always a Rice owl

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As we’ve noted in previous posts and mentioned in last year’s special historical issue of the Houston Zoo’s member magazine Wildlife, the Zoo’s first director, Hans Nagel was a bit of a showman.  And that’s a colossal understatement. We recently had the good fortune to meet Lee Pecht, University Archivist and Director of Special Collections at the […]

Zoo Tube

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If you were near a TV on November 23, 2012 you may have seen what an incredible job KPRC-TV did with their one-hour live special broadcast from TXU Presents Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo.  The special, from 7 to 8 p.m. not only covered all aspects of Zoo Lights, its creation and production, but the Zoo’s animal care and […]

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